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 12tamuz 5772
Notice to the Public
By the Grace of G-d, we are pleased to announce the opening of a
Mikvah Tahara – a Ritual Pool of Purifying Waters
at the Premier Spa serving the Ein Bokek Hotels at the Dead Sea, (formerly known as the International Sea Shore), 100 meters north of the Leonardo Plaza Hotel
The mikvah is open (in this first phase) on Fridays and prior to Jewish holidays.
For further information, please call Rena at 054-777-0696
(Minimum 24 hours' notice is mandatory)
HaRav Shimon Elharar           Mr. Shalom Kuperman
Director                                Chairman
Chabad of the Dead Sea        Religious Council, Jordan Valley
Immersion in the mikvah is accompanied by a Halacha-observant superintendant under the organizations “Taharat HaMishpacha” and “Taharat HaBayit.”
The mikvah is operated jointly under the auspices of the Religious Council of the Jordan Valley-Tamar Region and Chabad of the Dead Sea.
This "mikvah" has been renovated funded organization "taharat habayt" 
החוף הבנלאומי 
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 Mikvah (ritual pool) open on weekdays.  
The Yishuv of Neot HaKikar
The nearest community, Neot HaKikar, is located at a distance of some 20 minutes' drive from the hotels (Arrangements must be made in advance.)
Map:click here  
HaRav Yaakov Mendelzohn: 054-662-3770
Debby: 050-399-1357 / 08-657-2607
The next closest community is the city of Arad, located approximately 25-30 minutes' drive from the area of the hotels. No prior arrangements are necessary. There are two women's mikvahs in Arad:
1. click here for map. Rehov Yehuda 19, Tel. 08-995-7182
2. click here for map. Rehov HaQana'im 59, Tel. 08-995-5014 (This mikvah is built according to the Chabad    custom.)
1. Rehov Yehuda 19, Tel. 08-995-7182
A map of the mikvah located at Rehov Yehudah 19. For a more detailed map, click here
Directions to the mikvah on Rehov Yehudah: At the traffic circle at the main entrance to Arad, turn right, and then make an immediate right again, into Rehov Yehuda, passing the Central Bus Station and Police Station on the right as you continue on. Drive approximately 800 meters and the mikvah is on the right, on the corner with a white fence.
2. Rehov HaQana'im 59, Tel. 08-995-5014 (This mikvah is built according to Chabad custom.)
Map of the mikvah at Rehov HaQana'im 59. For a more detailed map,click here
Directions to the mikvah on Rehov HaQana'im: At the traffic circle at the main entrance to Arad, turn right and travel straight on Rehov Hevron. At the third traffic circle turn left on to Rehov HaQana'im and proceed to the next traffic circle. There one must make a U-turn and after just 10 meters, turn right. The mikvah is there, on the right side of the street.
The mikvahs are open half an hour after sunset.


מקווה יהודה


1. 19 Yehuda St. Tel:  08-9957182  .



Map of the Mikve at 19 Yehuda St.        click here   

Travel directions: On arrival to Arad, turn right at and then right again at the first traffic circle into Yehuda St. Continue for about 800m and the Mikve is on the right hand side on the corner of Yehuda St. and Achva St.


 2 מקווה קנאים


2. 59 Hakanaim St. Tel: 08-9955015 (the Mikve is also in accordance with the Chabad method).



Map of the 59 Hakanaim St. Mikve. click here  

Travel directions: On arrival to Arad turn right and continue straight along Hebron St. At the second traffic circle turn left into Hakanaim St. and continue until the next traffic circle. Circle around and back track into Hakanaim St. and continue for about 10 meters and then turn right. The Mikve is on the right hands side.


The Mikves open at about a half hour after sunset.