Printing of the Tanya
ספר התניא.... Sefer Hatanya



 Printing of the Tanya





On the 2nd of Sivan 5765 at 5:30 pm the Sefer HaTanya was printed at the lowest place on earth at the Hotel district in Ein Bokek, at the Dead Sea.

The printing was begun by Mr Shlomo Ben Shitrit, a local business man, whose contribution was invaluable. The Chabad shaliach, Rabbi Shimon Elharar, explained the importance of printing the Sefer Hatanya at the lowest place in the world and taught the introduction and chapter 32 from the freshly printed edition.

A “Mi Shebeirach” was made for all the donators and the crowded was invited to raise a “Lechaim” followed immediately by singing and dancing.

It should be noted that on completion of the printing, one of the local business men took upon himself to buy 4x4 size Teffilin and lay them daily – till 120…. the crowds reply to this was a healthy “Lechaim”

טרי וחם... Fresh from the press

לימוד פרק לב בדפים הטריים שזה עתה הודפסו.... A lesson from the freshly printed edition

שמחה של מצווה... Singing and dancing