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                        Thank you for the most wonderful amazing extraordinary experience

We are so thrilled with the whole Barmitzvah. Your warmth and humour and kindness made it so special. 

Thanks again it is something we will never ever forget


The Marks Family





Dear Shimon,
Thank you so much for all of your help and assistance in arranging my sons bar mitzvah.
It was a pleasure working with you, you are very kind and professional and I will recommend your services to my friends and family
The Bar mitzvah was beautiful, such a special experience!
Roye and all the guests really enjoyed themselves it was unforgettable, we will cherish the memory of it for many years to come.
Thanks again and all the best,
Tali and Family- london



Dear Rabbi Shimon El Harar,

First of all many many thanks for your excellent conducting of Liam's Bar Mitzvah on Masada.

We were impressed with the intelligence, good humor and joyous spirit with which you led the ceremony.

And thanks for recommending the klezmer.

You made it ameaningful, happy and memorable event for Liam and all friends and family who enjoyed it immensely.

Friends in the States are so impressed that they will be contacting you for their son's bar mitzvah.
And my daughter Naomi and the children will be going to the Chabad seder in the States.



Miriam Balaban

[email protected]
08 9476216



Dear Ytzhak

I want to thank you both for the AMAZING Bar Mitzvah experience you gave our son Tyler on Masada this week. We had guests make the journey from Australia and Israel to be there with us and I was concerned about how it would go considering he had already had a bar mitzvah in Melbourne. It honestly exceeded all of our expectations and you have given Tyler, our family and friends an experience we will NEVER forget.

Many Many Thanks Again

Toda Raba from the bottom of our hearts.

Happy New Year

Southwick Family from Australia


Dear Rabbi Elharar,
Becoming a Bar Mitzvah is a huge mile stone in a 13 year old boy's journey into adulthood. Thanks to you and your team, Tzahi and the Klezmarim, my son had a most memorable Bar Mitzvah ceremony on Masada.
Your ceremony was respectful, meaningful, serious and yet full of joy and humor. From the beginning we felt your personal attention to our son, as you complimented his colorful Talith.
Everyone enjoyed entering under the chupa, marking entrance to the location of the ceremony and the beginning of the ceremony. We liked how you'll created many opportunities for our guests to participate, in particular the ceremony of putting on of the tefilin, each person making on turn and giving a blessing.
You and your team worked very well together and were very much in tune with each other and with us. Tzahi your assistant contributed tremendously to the joyful atmosphere and the personal touches.. The klezmar players added so much to the simcha, too. Now when I look back I could imagine the ceremony with them. I am glad you did not take no for an answer. And repeatedly asked me I'd I wanted to include them.
Growing up in Israel myself, my boys and my self have been to Masada before - but this journey to the bar mitzva to Masada we will never forget. Thank you!
Avigail and family


Cher Rabbi Shimon,

Nous tenions à vous remercier à nouveau pour cet incroyable moment que vous nous avez fait

vivre et à témoigner sue votre site :

Organiser une Bar Mitsvah ce n’est déjà pas simple mais en plus à Massada, cela peut paraître vraiment compliqué et pourtant nous venons de le faire, formidablement accompagnés par le Rabbi Shimon Elharar. Grâce à lui, nous avons vécu des moments inoubliables où l’émotion s’est mêlée aux rires, à la tradition et à l’Histoire.

Rassurant, compétent, ouvert d’esprit, très pédagogue, le Rabbi Shimon Elharar nous a permis de réaliser ce merveilleux événement emprunt de ferveur. Cette Bar Mitsvah à laquelle assistaient près de 200 personnes (religieuses, traditionnalistes mais également non juives) a permis à tous de découvrir ce lieu de légende de l’histoire du Judaïsme et d’appréhender l’importance et la solennité de ce moment. Ces moments resteront gravés dans nos mémoires.
Nous sommes fiers et heureux d’avoir pu faire ce cadeau d’émotions à notre fils et à nos invités.

Si nous pouvons vous aider à réaliser cette immense joie, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter par le biais du Rabbi Shimon Elharar, nous serons ravis de vous aider et de partager cette merveilleuse expérience.

Mylène et Gérard, Paris
Juillet 2012



Dear Rabbi Shimon and crew,

I read the thank you comments on your site before and after our Bat Mitzvah ceremony for our daughter Maya – rather than repeating the sentiments of the families who were lucky enough to have found you and smart enough to decide to work with you, I’d like to add some additional comments.

I would like to thank you for treating each one of the 20 calls a day from abroad and Israel with the same patience, understanding and enthusiasm as you did the first. You assured us every step of the way and you were very clear as to the plans and that was very helpful and important to someone like me who pays attention to every detail.

The ceremony exceeded all my expectations! Our group consisted of foreigners as well as Israelis who were equally impressed and affected by the spiritual element as well as the imaginative and very amusing aspect you managed to create. Maya’s Bat Mitzvah was original, moving, inspiring and plain fun – you managed to realize my vision exactly.

We still laugh out loud at the comic moments as well as get stirred by the poignant instances while watching the video for the umpteenth time.

Thank you also for recommending Yehuda the photographer who was obviously familiar with the place, the ceremony and managed to convey the power of Masada and our experiences there effectively onto the video.

Maya and the rest of us will forever look back at our magical morning on Masada and remember it with great pleasure. Thank you for a most memorable Bat Mitzvah that lacked absolutely nothing.

The Mualem Gang
Dear Shluchim,
I have recently attended a Bar Mitzvah on top of the Masada (dead sea) held by a fellow Shliach, R' Shimon Elharar and was entirely overwhelmed!
The ceremony lasted about 2 hours but it fe
It started by operating the cable car specially for the group. (cable car starts normally at 8am) Sunrise is around 5:30am so if you were to try and catch sunrise (defiantly a highlight) it would involve climbing about 3 hours...
Rabbi Elharar has strong connections with the management and could work magic.
All was organized to the last detail: camera man, klezmer, drummers. He also has a shliach who works with him (Tzachi Farncis) that is formerly an actor. He plays a show and get the people very involved.
On our way down we met a shliach from somewhere in the USA who got stuck with a misnagdishe 'rov' that made their bar mitzvah feel like a funeral...
Ceremony is held either in Hebrew or English (perhaps other languages as well) and worth every penny!
Contact details:
שמעון אלהרר
שליח הרבי מליובאויטש,יו"ר
בית חב"ד חוף ים המלח (ע"ר)
קניון עין התכלת עין בוקק- ים המלח
טל' 054-7770695 | משרד: 077-8855781
Rabbi Shlomi
Taipei Jewish Center
Please note our NEW address:
No. 12, Lane 46, Ānjū St, Daan District. Taipei City 106. Taiwan
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I want to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for such an amazing experience we had this past 10th of July 2011 at Masada. We celebrated our daughter Giselle (Yocheved) in Masada. How amazing and wonderful it was. We will never forget all the experience, what she learned, and her first moments doing the great mitzvot all Jewish women have been commanded to do.

The heat did not deter from the wonderful Simcha we shared with all of you.!

I am attaching pictures from the even

Again, thanks so much and best regards.

May we be able to celebrate many other simchas together!


Monica & Daniel Matlis

585 Hearthstone Drive

Yardley, PA 19067

(215) 369-9141




Dear Rabbi Shimon! Today, a few days after the amazing ceremony that you put on for us and after we having calmed down a little from the excitement I would like to sum it all up. Firstly, everyone, but everyone!!! saidhow much they really enjoyed it and how it was different and special, and surprising. It was very emotional, right from the moment of wrapping the tallit and the blowing of the shofars, that was the moment that especially excited me, after which was the parade with the drums and the singing, the reading and the directing of the ceremony in the shortest way possible, for a traditional family such us ours, focusing mainly on reading of the boys and finally of course the show, (when did you find the time to get all the background on the family and who were the "informers"?) A special addition to the ceremony, different from other places and ceremonies were the Blessings, different from other places, you also referred to me, the boy's mother, I greatly appreciate that, and if to begin with I wanted to hold a Torah reading at some reform place, here I saw that it is possible to regard a woman – a mother with respect, even in Chabad, thank you. In conclusion, Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for a Bar Mitzvah that I think will never be forgotten.

Thank you on behalf of the whole Avi'oz family Neta, Micky, Tal,Yotam, Nir.

Moshav Hamadia

[email protected]



Dear Rabbi Shimon Elharar


We are so thankful for the wonderful Bar Mizva experience you gave our son Daniel Shuster.

Your special way of doing the ceremony was so very meaningful and special .Your surprise of the "going back to ancient times" was special too and for that we thank you and your Rabbi friend Yizhak.

We will be happy to recommend you to others visiting Israel or Israelis.

Thank you for making this experience unique from the moment we met you , the singing on the cable car , honoring all the guests by making them part of the ceremony and ending with the writing of the torah.

We all wish you and your family Shabbat Shalom .

Sel, Aaron Shuster

[email protected]



Dear Shimon , it is me again Julia Brezner from Toronto.

I just waned to take a moment and thank you for the ceremony that you organized for my son , it was very emotional and I am sure it will stay with him in his life. Thank you again from Brezner family.

Brezner family Chag Sameach.

[email protected]


From: Константин [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2009 12:28 AM
To: [email protected]; Борис Пирятинский; Keren Perry
Subject: Bar Mizva. Massada. Oktober 2009


Dear Rabbi Shimon!

I apologize for such a long answer. Unfortunately, work does not leave much free time.
I wrote a short essay about the wonderful Bar Mitzvah in which we all participated.
We all remember with great pleasure these days and the glorious feast that has become possible only with your help.
You can take any part of the text and photos to your site.
I also took the liberty and posted this essay on some of the popular Russian-Israeli blogs.
Once again, Thank you very much.
Huge greetings from Gleb and Helena.

Here is the link:



Best regards,




Hi Rabbi and thank you again and please thank Rabbi Yitzhak for helping make Rebecca's bat mitzvah such a wonderful experience.
We really didn't know what to expect and it truly exceeded our expectations. Starting with the challah making where many people from our group were involved to ceremony for Rebecca and her grandmother, everything was wonderful and it was so special that Rebecca enjoyed herself and was able to do something so meaningful.
We will recommend The Masada Experience and Chabad of the Dead Sea to anyone we know who is looking for an incredible bar or bat mitzvah experience and we look forward to returning again, perhaps for the bar mitzvah of our son in 2012 if not sooner for another joyous occasion.
Shalom and thank you again,
Jon, Michey, Sam and especially Rebecca Singer
Tenafly, NJ USA




The Bat Mitzvah ceremony was wonderful, a delightful change from the regular Bat Mitzvah ceremonies. It was interesting, meaningful, and fun. All of the Chabad Staff, particularly Rabbi Shimon, worked hard to make our daughter, us, and our guests feel at home. It was a wonderful mix of Judaism, Jewish history, and mutual respect. We will cherish the experience and warmly recommend participation in this wonderful event.


Michele Manspeizer and Itzik Levin

Kadima, Israel

[email protected]



אל הרב אלהרר 

                  לפני שבוע בראש
                  בחודש אייר – ה- 24/4/2009
                  חגגנו במצדה את בר המצווה של  בננו – אלישיב. בבר המצווה נכחו כ 130 איש נשים ילדים וגברים.

ברצוננו להודות לך על עזרתך הרבה, הארגון היפה של התפילה,( יפה גם בפנימיות וגם בחיצוניות) ההפתעה בסוף - ההצגה הנהדרת שארגתם בסוף התפילה והמתנות. תודה מיוחדת לך על סבלנותך הרבה, ועל שקיבלת בסבר פנים יפות את כל הטלפונים וההטרדות, ואנו בטוחים שאתה יודע על מה אנו מודים לך...

אנו מבקשים גם שתמסור תודה רבה בשמנו לבחור שעשה את ההצגה הנהדרת בסוף התפילה.

זכות גדולה נפלה בחלקכם לשמר ולתחזק את בית הכנסת העתיק במצדה, בזכות בית הכנסת ניתן להתחבר למקום בפועל לא רק באספקט הלאומי אלא גם הדתי.

הביקור במצדה הוא מרגש, אולם החוויה של התפילה בציבור בבית הכנסת - במקום זה בו עמדו לפני כ 2000 שנה מגני מצדה, זורקת אותך 2000 שנה אחורה, ונותנת לך פרספקטיבה על כל תולדות עמנו, זו חוויה שלא ניתן לתארה במילים.

מצדה אפשרה לנו לחגוג את בר המצווה הזה מתוך התחברות לשורשנו אדמתנו ועמנו בעבר והיום.

בימינו, ימים של חיצוניות ומסחור, טוב להתחבר לאנשים כמוכם שמיצגים את היופי של העם שלנו...

נהנו מאוד, אז שוב תודה רבה....

              בתודה ובברכה
ד"ר אברהם וד"ר רחל צנגן
Tel.: (972-8) 934-4415

Email: of NeurobiologyDepartment
The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot 76100, Israel
Phone: 972-8-934-4415 (office)
972-8-934-4418/3 (lab)
Fax: 972-8-934-4131email: [email protected]



Dear Rabbi Shimon Elharar,

Dear Rabbi Zahi Francis,


Six years ago, I have remained alone with my son Robin Lazar, his matter has our family abandoned.

After Robins matter has changed her name, my son asked my if our family is only his grand pa, me and my brother.

I have answered, "wait till you will see our family in Israel", what we in 2006 al ready have done.

I have shown him the family, the country, Masada, and I have told him, on Masada has battled the "Bar Kochva" Eliazar, 2000 years ago, for Israel...

Robin was so impression from the heartiness of the family, of the country and particularly from Masada, that he gone with the Kippa on the head in bed to sleep...

His dream was to make his Bar-Mitzvah on Masada with a "thru" Rabbi!

For me began a new way, I cadent believe, that this can and will be possible.

Robin started to learn Thora with our Rabbi Slomo Raskin in Frankfurt/Germany, has changed the school with the "Lichtigfeld School" in Frankfurt/Main, started to learn ivrit...

It was not easy, Rabbi Shlomo requested seriousness, but on the end, Robin was prepared for the grand ceremony.

Was now has happened was incredible. Thru the connection and the understanding between the Rabbis from Germany and Israel, (this wonderful connection has kept our nation together so many years)

it was possible to create a big ceremony, perfect organised from the beginning to the end!

All questions concerning financial part (reasonable), appointment, organisation also for the family members, etc., was clarified before, during we was still in Germany.

I bend my self respectfully for the delicate modus of all Rabbis, how they helped to create the greatest ceremony in the life of my son.

Accompanied with music and songs from Rabbi Elharar, with a big, wonderful Thora in our middle, we have celebrated something, what we never will forget!

The appearance of the old Rabbi from the time of Maccabaeus, has crowned the celebration.

I and with me all my family, can recommends with all my hard for all parents in the world to give for their children something what will remain life long.


Thank you Rabbi Elharar,

Thank you Rabbi Francis,


Respectfully with best Regards,
Dipl. Ing. (TH) Dorin Lazar

(Senior Mechanical Engineer)

Siemens AG
Energy Sector
Fossil Power Generation Division
Energy Solutions
E F ES EN 53
Kaiserleistr. 10
63067 Offenbach am Main, Deutschland
Tel.: +49 (069) 807-3014
Fax: +49 (069) 807-2121
mailto:[email protected]


בר מצווה על מצדה

מאת : דור דוד מעין , חתן בר המצווה.


טרם כחצי שנה , עת התחלנו , משפחתי ואנכי לחשוב כיצד נציין את בר המצווה שלי בצורה מקורית ומיוחדת , הציע סבי לציין את אירוע בר המצווה על מצדה.

מן הסתם , בתחילה הרעיון נשמע מורכב יחסית עקב המרחק הרב מאזור המרכז ועקב

הלוגיסטיקה המורכבת שמורה היות לאירוע , חרף כך , לאחר שביררנו פרטים עם הרב אלהררי ,

רב מצדה ועם מנהל האתר , נוכחנו לדעת שאירוע בר מצווה על מצדה עשוי להיות מעניין מאוד , מקורי ומיוחד.

בסופו של דבר , החלטתי שאני רוצה לערוך את הטקס על מצדה ויהי מה ואכן , ערכנו את הקס על מצדה עם הרב אלהרר : בטקס קראתי בתורה , נשאתי דרשה בפני משפחתי ובירכו אותי , חשוב מאוד לציין כי הטקס התאים לכל קצוות הדת : החל מש''סניקים וחב''דניקים וכלה בחילונים לגמרי ולא היה ולו אחד מהאורחים שלא התלהב ונהנה מאוד.

על כן , הנני ממליץ בחום רב לכל ילד ולכל משפחה שאוהבת לטייל בארץ ישראל ובאזור ים

המלח שמחפשת דרך מקורית , מיוחדת , מעניינת וליברלית לציין את הטקס {ולא באולמות אירועים...} לערוך את הטקס על מצדה חרף הלוגיסטיקה המאוד מורכבת של האירוע וחרף

המרחק הרב ממרבי אזורי הארץ.


דור דוד מעין


כפר יונה





כבוד הרב שמעון אלהרר וצוות מצדה אקספיריאנס.

ברכות ותודות רבות על האירוע המוצלח במיוחד

שחגגתם עימנו

הייתה זו חוויה מיוחדת במינה לבר המצווה של בננו.

התרשמנו , נהנו ונותרנו מלאי חוויות ...

ברצוננו להמליץ לכולם זו דרך מיוחדת וייחודית לחגוג

אירוע חשוב כבר מצווה

שוב המון תודות

משפחת זיכלינסקי.

[email protected]


, April 27, 2008

Dear Rabbi Elharar


My family and I would like to thank you very much for the Shacharit service on top of Massda for Daniel Bar Mitzvah, it was the most rewarding part of his Bar Mitzvah celebration.

We also like to thank you for the dedication ceremony the certificate and most of all for the Tanya books.



Chaim Cohen

Tel: (011) 884 7342

Fax: (011) 884 7301