....Chanukkah for the first time in 2,000 on Massadah
מנהל האתר מקבל חנוכייה לאות תודה והערכה.... aaThe Massadah Site director receives a Channukiah


Chanukah for the first time in 2,000 Years on Massadah






For the first time in 2,000 years, on the 3rd night of Chanukah, candles were lit in a public ceremony in the ancient synagogue on top of Massadah.

The evening began with a welcome from the director of the Southern District of the National Parks Authority, Mr. Raviv Shapira. He was followed by the representative of the youth movement “The Working and Studying Youth”. Finally the Site’s Rabbi, Rabbi Shimon Elharar was invited to the stage. He explained the essence of the festival and how it related to Massadah. The first lighting of Chanukah candles for 2,000 years symbolizes anther stage in the reopening of the site’s synagogue, especially as only three months ago the Holy Ark was consecrated and a second Torah scroll was added to the Ark.

Mr. Eitan Campel, the Massadah site manager was invited to the stage and was surprised to receive fro Rabbi Shimon Elharar a silver plated Chanukiah as a token of gratitude for his actions.

Likewise, an American boy, accompanied by his family to celebrate his Bar mitzvah was in the land of Israel was invited to light, together with the Shaliach, the Chanukiah to be followed by singing and dancing led by Mr. Yonni Rover and Shimon Elharar.

There were more than 400 attending this event including several Kush Katif evacuees still residing in hotels in Jerusalem and a couple of hundred kids from “The Working and Studying Youth”.

History was made here in the Massadah Synagogue and the excitement was truly felt.


Kindling In the Lowest Place on Earth

The candle on the second night was kindled in the lowest place on earth, Ein Bokek, Dead Sea.

the evening began with word of welcome and blessing by the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Arad, Rabbi Yossef Albo Shlita, who beautifully explained the significance of Chanukah and stated about how he was honored to participate in Beit Chabad events.

The secretary of the Tamar regional council, Mr. Ya’acov Akrish welcomed the audience and explained the lessons to be learned from Chanukah. In conclusion, the Chabad House director, Rabbi Shimon Elharar presented him a silver plated Chanukiah as an acknowledgement of appreciation.

This was followed by a fireworks display that light up, literally and spiritually, the hotel guest with festive joy.

The council’s secretary was honored with the lighting of the Chanukiah and the public danced in circles to the music of Ovad Mounis and Shimon Elharar.

This event was made possible with the sponsorship of the Tamar regional Council, The Novotel Hotel and it manager Mr. Lior Chaimovitch, The Crown Plaza hotel and it manager Mr. Avi Levi, and Mr. Ya’acok Suissa.


Also thanks to the Chabad House team who brought Chanukah light to the security forces and local business men.

The Dead Sea was alight with Chanukah candles.












רגע ההדלקה.... lighting the candles

קהל המשתתפים.... The attending crowd

הדלקה באיזור המלונות.....Lighting at the hotel area

שמחה בחוצות.... Joy in the streets

הדלקה עם בעלי עסקים.... Lighting the chanukiah with