Aid for Gush Katif Evacuees
מצרכים לחלוקה.... Products for distribution


Aid for Gush Katif Evacuees



On Wednesday (17/8/05) I checked with the Gaza Evacuees Aid Administration was told that about 200 evacuated families are on their way to Dead Sea hotels. I immediately posted in all hotel receptions a notice for all evacuees that they could call me on my personal number to ask for assistance 24 hours a day.

When I arrived at the hotels I met with a settlement representatives from Gan Or, B’dolach, Rafiah Yam, Morag, and Netzer Hazani to find out what kind of aid should be provided. I was surprised to find the chaotic state of thing: people arrived with nothing, no help, no change of clothes, diapers, formula for the babies.

This was a most disconcerting sight to see these weeping people in parts of the hotel. It was terrible to see a Netzer Hazani resident stopped in his car in the middle of the street crying like a little child, and gave me the settlement’s flag and say, “this was Netzer Hazani”. It reminded me a little of what happened in the Tsunami.

Meanwhile I received calls from social workers and settlers for help with clothing and formula, for rides to the Kupat Holim and dental clinics in nearby Arad etc.

To my surprise, I found out that the authorities were not properly organized and the Chabad House found itself accordingly taking the initiative and organized itself to provide assistance for all. At 11:00 pm I contacted the Mayor of the Tamar regional council Mr. Dov Latbinov and updated him on all that has been done and fix a meeting with him for the following day with Settlement representatives and with the council’s secretary Mr. Ya’acov Akrish who pledged to assist in any way possible.

Later on that night, I placed a taxi at the disposal of the evacuees and began organizing the supply clothing and infant products.

I contacted the manager of Massadah, Mr. Eitan Campel who promised free entry to Massadah for all the evacuees, likewise, the jeep tour company “The Jeeps” gave them free jeep tours of the area to help them feel more appreciated. The puppeteer Ra’anan Ziv of Arad gave free puppet shows.

Meanwhile evacuees continued to arrive. These scenes repeated themselves and by Friday I had arranged to distribute to each family a set of towels, a set of Dead Sea cosmetics, a flower, a bag og candy, a plate of cookies, workbooks for the kids and a article about the weekly parsha and candles for Shabbat.

These were personally delivered to each family in their hotel room by Chabad girls from Arad and Beer Sheva. The reactions were immediate. Hugs and tears. Marina Chemo, A B’dolach resident gave thanks by saying “how much it warmed the heart to see so much support, how good it was to see other good Jews who see the importance of helping those in difficult times.


We thank all those assisted help us:  Arad Towels, Sea of Life Cosmetics, The Dead Sea Diamond Center, Mini Market Sapir, Royal Hotel, Arad Flowers, The Arad Mall, Mrs. Yael Sheffi, and Moshe Binyamin.


מודעה שהופיע בקבלה של המלונות.... A notice psoted at hotel receptions

שבת שלום מכל הלב..... A heartfelt Shabbat Shalom

שי שחולק.... A distributed gift

לא להאמין... בזמן הנכון הגעתן לסוף העולם.... In the right place at teh right time in the depths