Seder Night at Massadah
ליל הסדר האחרון במצדה..........The last seder night



Passover Experience – Live Broadcast from Massadah



On Nissan 5, 5765, (17/4/05) at 5:30 pm, thousand of people around the world held their breath while watching a “Mock Seder” broadcast live from Massadah. The Wieland New Jersey community actively participated in the broadcast via video conference technology while holding their own “Mock Seder”. Audiences in Moscow, England and The USA viewed the live show on the interne  

The broadcast began with a movie describing a dialogue between children that ends with up with a grandfather describing the meaning of Pesach. The boy falls asleep and finds himself on top of Massadah in the company of other boys baking Matzos. After exchanging a few words, the boys invite their guest to join them for the Seder night. The lad finds himself at the Seder meal at the end of which Eitan Campel, the Massadah site manager, enters and relates to him the history of the mountain following which Eitan descends from Massadah and the live broadcast begins from a Seder table that has been set at the foot of the mountain.

This segment, presented by Rabbi Toviah Boulton, begins with song and greeting for all spectators and introduces all the invited Seder guests in Massadah and New Jersey. It should be noted that at Massadah there were representative from all walks of Israeli society, IDF soldiers, new immigrants from Ethiopia and the USA and Israeli born youth. Rabbi Boulton began with an explanation of how matzos are baked accompanied by a movie filmed at the Kfar Chabad Matzo Bakery.

This was followed by explanations of the Haggadah signs and then the “Ma Nishtana” questions were asked by the New Jersey delegation.  Rabbi Toviah asks the guests how they perceive “Freedom”. In New Jersey, Mr. Meir Glick, a holocaust survivor describes what freedom means for him.

We return to Massadah, the presenter began signing while accompanied by flute and Darbuka drums “Mi She’amda” and Rabbi Yisrael Rappaport the Shaliach in Wieland carries on to explain about the four sons while remarking that there is a fifth son not present at the Seder and this is the job of all of the Rebbe’s Shaliachs, to make sure they find and take care of this fifth absent son.


Return to Massadah: The Honorable Chabad Dead Sea Shaliach, Rabbi Shimon Elharar, remind us of the Rebbe’s call, to make sure that every Jew, on the first night of Pesach, eat hand made matzo and surprises all those attending by offering them all a gift, a set of three hand made matzos with a set being sent to Wieland NJ via the camera…


Rabbi Toviah began to sing a rap Pesach song of his own composition. At the end of the program we said Le’Chaim and reiterated the Rebbe’s call to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Messiah by increasing the good deed we do. The audience joined in singing “Leshana Haba’ah Berushalayim” – “Next year and Jerusalem” and in “Meshiah Meshiah…”. There was great excitement and people were shedding tears all over the globe.

The whole program was competently directed by the well known actor, Reb Michael Wiegel.

Other participants:

The National Parks Authority – Site manager Mr. Eitan Campel

Dead Sea Coast Habad House – Rabbi Shimon Elharar

Mr. Yuval Shefi Telepromotion Co. Massadah


We also would like to thank out sponsors: Ahava – Dead Sea cosmetics, Royal Hotel, Ein Bokek Hotel Dead Sea.

שידור ישיר..... Live Broadcast

שידור ישיר מווילנד שבניו ג'רסי.... Live broadcast from Wyeland, New Jersey

שידור ישיר מווילנד שבניו ג'רסי.... Live broadcast from Wyeland, New Jersey

טכנאי שידור בפעולה..... Broadcast technician in action

רגע מתוך הסרט.... A moment from the movie