The Living Dead Sea Tourist Site



The tourist destination called the Living Dead Sea occupies a peninsula protruding into the salt lake at the foot of the Judean Desert mountains. Visitors arriving from Jerusalem, 107 km away, drive along all of the eastern shoreline's length from north to south. The alternative is to travel from Tel Aviv to Arad (145 km) and then drive down the 30 km serpentine mountain road from Arad to the region's heart of Ein Bokek/Neve Zohar. (see below).

Ein Bokek & Neve Zohar

A 3 km long promenade on the Dead Sea shoreline connects between the two hotel areas, Ein Bokek with 12 hotels and Neve Zohar with 3. The former area features an assortment of shops and restaurants.
A promenade stroll at sunrise or sunset is a wonderful time to deeply inhale the rich air and to view the ever-changing colours of the Moab mountain chain across



the lake and of the sky behind it. Hikers and joggers use it for their outdoor work-out, but they too take time to marvel at the occasional salt formations on the salty water's edge.
An old-time farmhouse is situated a stone's throw away from the Ein Bokek hotels. By an easy ten minutes' walk over a footpath, one reaches an ancient Roman customs house that overlooks Wadi Ein Bokek, the local, natural sweet-water spring.
500 meters south of the main service road to Ein Bokek, at the entrance to that wadi are the beginning and the end of a two-hours' circular desert path.Marvel at the colours of the Moab mountain chain across the lake and of the sky behind it.