Health & Cure  


Curing qualities of the region's natural elements
A mini-universe with its own micro-climate and the minerals of the Living Dead Sea make the region world-class centre for natural health tourism. Not only is it the world's largest “Natural Spa”, but a world centre for exclusive healing and relief of suffering from a line of illnesses. A number of prominent clinics, each with its separate specialisations operate at the Dead Sea. Expert medical attention and supervision in all disciplines is uninterruptedly available. Research papers and scientific data on the natural qualities, the treatments and their influence on the ailments are available at the clinics as well as through the Dead Sea Medical Research Centre (DSMRC). Medical guidance is offered before treatment is initiated.

One of the more exclusive qualities of this region is that it is and it maintains an environment – not of hospitals and medical institutions but – of a vibrant tourist centre. Alongside their ambulatory treatments, people are engulfed in an international atmosphere of holiday making. Nothing at all prevents the patients from enjoying – simultaneous to their treatments – the area's many exciting historical and natural sights and leisure time activities.


All Dead Sea hotels offer extended-stay health packages.
Dead Sea Medical Research Centre (DSMRC): Tel: 972-8-6688806.

Dermatological Conditions are treated by Climatotherapy and Heliotherapy
According to findings by the Dead Sea Medical Research Centre and through independent studies, "The results for Dead Sea treatment of psoriasis are consistently good". The average length of remission is longer than alternative conventional cures due to sunbathing in a relaxed environment, combined with prescribed treatments by dermatologists. These treatments represent qualitative alternatives to various on-going hospital therapies and show little or no side effects.
The world's least skin burning sun shines an annual average of 330 days over the Living Dead Sea. Through the benefits of the filtered ultra-violet spectrum, exposure to the sun is much less intense. Its rays are a source of great relief to sufferers of psoriasis from across the globe.
Other dermatological ailments, such as atopic dermatitis or vitiligo are expertly treated here as well. Clinics of the Dead Sea administer a cocktail of treatments to provide for patients' comfort and relief in their sufferings. Patients return to our clinics periodically to achieve extended remission periods.
The three public Dead Sea solaria, a number of private solaria along the beach and those of the various hotels offer the finest

psoriasis treatments in the world. Note: The cost of dermatological treatment at the Dead Sea for citizens of Germany, Denmark and Austria is offset by full payment or subsidies by leading sick funds. There is similar, but yet very limited funding from Italy and Sweden. Other countries are currently investigating subsidy plans. Several researches show that the cost of sending a patient to the Dead Sea for treatment is less expensive than a hospital bed with conventional medication.


Arthritic and rheumatic conditions are treated by Balneotherapy and by Thalassotherapy
21 different minerals are natural ingredients in the waters of the Living Dead Sea, twelve of which are found in no other sea or ocean. The waters of the lake and the region are therefore most suitable for various rheumatic treatments. Thalassotherapy and Balneotherapy are carried out by bathing in the Dead Sea region's special mineral spring waters and provide temporary relief of arthritic pain. Pelotherapy is a therapeutic mud application and contributes to pain relief as well. Various physio-therapeutical and massage modalities are applied in appropriate cases. Some of the health-promoting thermo-mineral spring characteristics are recognized as qualities for easing metabolic disorders. The treatment, combined with the dry air and the consistent high temperatures alleviate patients' pain and discomfort.
Respiratory Conditions are being treated by Climatotherapy, without the need for artificial devices.
The pollen-free atmosphere and unpolluted air, higher oxygen content, high barometric pressure and low humidity soothe the symptoms of asthma, cystic fibrosis and certain lung diseases. Down here, at the Living Dead Sea, patients' oxygenation improves without the use of artificial equipment. As a result of uninterrupted intake of that enriched oxygen, sufferers from advanced lung diseases have achieved a great degree of independence from respiratory devices. One-to-three week visits have achieved scientifically confirmed improvements in levels of arterial oxygenation, exercise performance and sleep oxymetry.

Coronary function, depression and hypertension are treated by Climatotherapy and by Heliotherapy
This seasonal affective disorder syndrome generally affects individuals who live in northern climates where winter weather conditions are long, cold and cloudy with short daylight hours. Instead of choosing conventional hospital treatments of phototherapy, a pleasant alternative is a holiday at the Dead Sea. Same as for the respiratory ailments above, the riches of the Dead Sea basin's air and the unique filtration of ultraviolet radiation during 330 full days of sunshine a year, have a very positive impact on people with coronary function problems and on those suffering from hypertension or depression. A study by the Cardiac Institute of Benei Zion Hospital in Haifa reveals that it is not only safe for patients to descend to the -400 level of the Living Dead Sea but totally desirable and recommended. Measurements of heart performance and oxygen saturation in their blood improved in all patients in the study. Recovery of bypass surgery patients was positively influenced by their stay. A further study was conducted on two test groups of open-heart surgery candidates. One spent up to three weeks before surgery at -400 and the other group on sea level. After heart surgery on both groups at the same time, while the -400 group proved to have no change in heartbeat, the sea-level control group showed certain parameters of impaired heart function.
The famous Dead Sea mud is recognized as a fine stimulant of blood circulation.
As for hypertension, a larger control group of 72 hypertensive arthritic patients was observed during treatment at the Dead Sea and proved to show albeit a slight lowering of both the systolic and the diastolic blood pressure rates and no adverse clinical responses were noted as a result of balneo-therapeutical treatments.